Friday, October 09, 2015

When traffic lights break down do things improve?

We've heard a couple of reports of the traffic lights at Moss-side Road being out of action this week. Has that caused problems for anyone or did it improve things? 

One of our regular readers sent us a link to an article entitled: "All FORTY-TWO traffic lights break down at Britain's most-chaotic junction - and guess what happens? The flow of cars IMPROVES." 

More details here in a Daily Mail article.  And here it is in the Independent for all those that don't like the Daily Mail. 


Anonymous said...

I was intrigued until you referenced the daily hate

Graisg said...

Aren't they mainly all full of s****? Anyway here is a link to the same matter in the Independent.

Anonymous said...

No traffic lights at Tradespark Junction on Thursday and traffic flowing a lot better without.

Anonymous said...

get rid of the damn things

Anonymous said...

Have you tried to get out from Tradespark at 8.30am and from 4.00pm onwards these lights are a godsend for folk living in the Tradespark area please do not take them away
a local taxpayer