Thursday, October 01, 2015

Paddling Pool - statement from Cllr Michael Green

Michael Green told the Gurn:

‘The Nairn Paddling Pool is the focal point of the Links play area and has been since I was a kid growing up in Nairn. However, over the last few years the Common Good Fund has paid out large sums of money for repairs, which have often led to unscheduled closures. We now need to have a widespread debate, via Community Councils and possibly a Ward Forum, on what aspirations the people of Nairn have for not only the Paddling Pool and play area, but the whole of the seafront, from the Harbour to the Baths.

It is up to myself and my ward colleagues to set the agenda, plus facilitate forums for widespread consultation.

Personally, I believe that as a bare minimum, we need to refurbish the paddling pool over the winter, or preferably provide an enhanced facility.'


Anonymous said...

I'm glad that Councillor Green is in favour of the paddling pool being maintained, I'm sure this is what many Nairn residents would like to see as an outcome

What I'm not clear about is to why some councillors think that this issue should create a larger debate about our beach and play areas?

Let's concentrate on saving the pool first. Other schemes/ideas can then be shuffled around ad infinitum as I'm sure they will be

Please? said...

I don't know if it's deliberate but the majority of our councillors seem to want to lose themselves in political speak and jargon that the average voter may not understand

As some political parties have found to their cost not understanding the person on the street and likewise is costing them votes

Some long standing Nairn councillors might well be consumed in local government but if you want our continued support communicate with us with words we all understand