Monday, October 05, 2015

"Nairn cannot put up the shutters to development and stagnate"

In relation to Provost Laurie Fraser's warning that the town's infrastructure cannot cope with more development, Councillor Michael Green is quoted in the Press and Journal:

"We, in our dual role as elected members and trustees of the Nairn Common Good Fund, need to move the process forward and agree a post-bypass plan for the future shape and development of Nairn."


Paul said...

Translation: once you've got a bypass then that becomes the de facto settlement boundary so landowners can develop all land up to the bypass.

Graisg said...

A very broad translation taht one anon, here we think that the link between Common Good and development might be a strong hint of Sandown first?

Nairnite said...

Wow! Finally a practical statement by one of our elected representatives which all us residents must fully support "Nairn cannot put up the shutters to development".

It's true that Nairn cannot simply live in some imaginary Victorian Brighton Of The North, or 1960s glory day world. Telling stories of when I was a lad, etc. This is 2015. Nairn is what it is. And we must look forward with a POSITIVE view of what we can all make of living in Nairn.