Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Liz on the SNP Holyrood list

Liz MacDonald has been selected by the SNP for a position on the list section of the Holyrood ballot in May next year. She will be fourth on the list. 

In 2011 the SNP won six constituency seats and also gained three list MSPs details here.   The LibDems retained Orkney and also the Shetland seat while on the list there were two Labour MSPs and two Conservative MSPs appointed along with the three MSP members.

The more seats a party gets in the constituency part of the vote the less inclined they are to get members on the lists. In the first elections to the Scottish Parliament for example the Labour Party in the Glasgow area won all the constituency seats with such a large majority they got nothing from the list.

For some voters the temptation to use their second vote for another party they may favour can become very strong indeed if their main choice is doing very well in the polls. It is a bit of a minefield however and there is much debate out there on the political web on the effectiveness of switching for a second vote under the AMS (additional member system). 


#AnyoneButLiz said...

2nd vote Green. Keeps the unionists out of Holyrood

Anonymous said...

I see Liz managed to get a big article in Private Eye a week or 2 ago. Was I the only person to see it?

Graisg said...

Big article, heard it was only a mention.

Stand down Liz said...

The problem I have with Councillor Liz MacDonald is that she is a property developer with plans for some 80 houses to be built on land that she owns on Lochloy Road.

This has totally compromised her role as a councillor for Nairn as there are many planning issues that she’s had to step down from over a possible conflict of interest

Planning is often the most contentious of issues that a community faces but here we find ourselves with a councillor who cannot represent us

Many people in Nairn feel as though we have a big enough problem getting our voice heard in Inverness with just four councillors, and to have one of them unable to fully represent her constituents is not justifiable

I support the SNP but I find her position untenable and would ask her to step down in the interests of both her party and the people of Nairn

Graisg said...

@Stand down Liz. This observer is unaware of any plans for that land although it is now zoned for development in the Inner Moray Firth Local Development plan. In an article posted in March on the Gurn we looked at the latest stage of the plan and comments therein. In connection with this piece of land it was said:

"3. The following sentence be added to NA2: Requirements: ‘The required traffic and flood risk assessments may impact on the capacity of the site reducing the housing capacity below the currently projected capacity of 90 houses. "

Article here:

So there is quite a lot to look at before anything could go ahead. All this information is in the public domain. This observer understands your concerns but there is nothing new here.

Anonymous said...

Is Liz the only Councillor with land or property subject to any development considerations?

Anonymous said...

Why is Liz MacDonald still a councillor if she can't fully do her job because of her own interests, doesn't make any sense to me

Anonymous said...

For me the problem with voting for SNP candidates is that, apart from independence, I don't know what else they stand for. They are socialists when it suits and pragmatists when it doesn't. I'll probably abstain.