Thursday, November 05, 2015

A shining success in Nairn on November the 5th - video

A huge turnout for the Shine Festival of Light in Nairn earlier tonight. The march left Rosebank at 6.15 and took some time to make it up to the Academy playing field for the bonfire and other entertainment. There is considerable favourable comment out there on Nairn social media pages and some very good images being published too. Here's the procession passing the Showfield on the way up to the Academy.

And a few images - individual pictures here 


David Brownless said...

Fantastic to see so many folk embracing the idea of this new event.

Given the rather short timeframe the organisers gave themselves , the evening seems to have been a great success.

Any event that can put so many smiles on so many faces , while working with such a restricted pot of money , can give itself a well justified pat on the back and , judging by the numbers attending, Shine must already established itself as one of the most popular family evenings in the town.

Well done to all involved and roll on November 5th 2016.

Anonymous said...

Didn't make it myself, but congratulations to all involved, it looks like a great success.