Thursday, November 26, 2015

Volunteers decorate Nairn's Christmas trees with materials donated by the public

Delightful scenes outside the Royal Bank and in Castle Lane as volunteers decorated the trees this afternoon. Individual images here.  Full screen slideshow here. 


Anonymous said...

Great photo's, everyone looks like they are having a brilliant time. Well done to the organisers and Santa's little helpers, elves and fairies!

Anonymous said...

They have done a nice job on the tree looks much more festive.

Edna Mackay said...

Although we emigrated some 25 years ago we still like to keep tabs on the goings on in Nairn through "the gurn from Nairn" and the amazing fb group "Nairn when you were a bairn" Infact that's where we first heard about your fabulous blog on Nairn.we remember when our children were small they were fascinated by the shoeboxes wrapped in Xmas wrapping paper to make them look like presents, extremely cheap to make but magical for the kids to look at, I don't see why we should rely on the public to decorate the Xmas trees, surely it should be the council that do this! Inverness always pull all the stoppers out to make there Xmas special through there and Nairn could certainly learn a lot from them , people driving through Nairn would think we didn't celebrate Xmas here, how about a Xmas tree opposite the old harbour street post office ! Keep up the good work 'Gurn' an essential read every day !