Sunday, November 01, 2015

Scottish Cup Replay Wick 5 Nairn 1 - pictures Donald Matheson

Nairn exited the Scottish Cup in an ignominious fashion up at Harmsworth Park yesterday.  You can read a match report here.  A video of highlights has appeared on line here. Les Fridge tries to make sense of what went wrong in comments to Graeme MacLeod here. Meanwhile on the fans We Believe Facebook pages there are again vehement calls for the manager to step down. 

Individual images here. 

Meanwhile over the other side of the tracks a comfortable win reported for Saint Ninian JFC 


Graisg said...

@ DEFROST - sorry not prepared to accept the content of that detailed anonymous remark re Directors of Football.

Graisg said...

Hoping for a happy ending for all here DEFROST. Contact me on and I'll be prepared to tell you privately why all this is best kept for the semi-private world that is We Believe.

DEFROST said...

Thanks for taking the trouble to reply Craisg its much appreciated, Im not in The Facebook Planet so its maybe time I should join, Ps I just love a happy ending.

County forever!

Anonymous said...

Love the intro to all the links Gurn lol, priceless. Results this season speak for themselves. No the first time. Having read the Fridge spiel it seems to me that football managers or any sort of manager doesn't usually highlight individual mistakes/play by their own players/staff. Smells of desperation and a bit of loyalty toward "his" team should be shown. Quite sad. One can't but notice the lack of mention about tactics

On the bench said...

Is the blame game one of two halves?