Thursday, November 05, 2015

Calls for new councils in the Highlands but how long would Nairn have to wait?

Here at the Gurn we think it is time to restore democracy to all parts of the Highlands not just Skye, Lochalsh and Lochaber as proposed by MSP David Thompson and MP Ian Blackford and Inverness as proposed by Councillor Richard Laird (although we are certain that Richard is in favour of democracy being restored to Nairn too). Catch up on the latest developments on proposals for new councils in the Highlands in Iain Ramage's P&J article here. 

We can't blame Dave Thompson and Ian Blackford for reflecting the wishes of their constituents but is it fair that other communities would get left behind if it goes ahead?  Here's a wee conversation from twitter earlier this morning. 

"Then wider debate," that's the way that Dave sees it happening but how many more years would that add to Nairn's wait for the democratic deficit to be adjusted?

Time for all those politicians of whatever flavour in the Highlands that want to see democracy restored to communities to come up with pan-Highland proposals? 

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