Friday, November 13, 2015

Can you help decorate Nairn's Christmas trees on Thursday 26th November?

Laura from the "Nairn Rocks!" group tells the Gurn:

"The two main christmas trees in Nairn will be decorated by local children, families and grown ups on Thursday 26th November, to coincide with the Christmas lights being switched on the following night.

Everyone on the Thursday is invited to come down with hanging decorations between 3pm and 5pm to help make the trees outside the Royal Bank and Castle Square look beautiful and festive. 

If anyone would like to donate decorations beforehand, The Inside Scoop on the High Street has a box for them. They will also be giving hot chocolates to every child who takes part. The whole idea is to create some festive community spirit and make Nairn Christmasy this Christmas!"

Nairn Rocks will also be organising an event in the Showfield next summer, more details on the group's Facebook page here.

Note: flashback to December 2013 when River CC and the Nairn when you were a bairn group decorated the trees - more here. 


Anonymous said...

Would our Christmas trees not be better somewhere else this year e.g near the A96, the High St is still going to be closed with not many folk seeing them

Nothing new said...

The popular Nairn when you were a bairn facebook group did this last year, trying to spruce up the Christmas trees on the high street and if I remember volunteers went out in atrocious weather to decorate the trees !

Nairn Rocks!! said...

I was told, by somebody who was there, that only 3 people turned up to help last year. That lack of local enthusiasm upset me and made me determined to get the trees decorated properly this time round.
A bit of a rally cry and some community spirit is all it takes... it should hopefully be a fantastic time for everyone ��

Anonymous said...

It was 2013 when the Nairn when you area bairn group decorated the trees.

Spurtle said...

I was led to believe that the gas works will cease over the extended Christmas period hopefully the trees will be enjoyed and clearly seen by all.

Anonymous said...

Well done, good to see civic pride in Nairn.

Anonymous said...

Excellent "Nairn Rocks!"
Make sure that the Council guys at Balblair know and make everything straightforward for you.
Rockin' and Rollin' this Xmas in Nairn