Thursday, November 12, 2015

Community Council round-up 2) Nairn River

Another local Community Council had its last meeting this week before the change over of membership. Some old faces at Nairn River CCwill be staying on but a few also will not be there when the new Council has its first meeting. 

Tommy Hogg and his colleagues held their last meeting of the current term in the URC hall and a presentation was made to long serving member and current secretary of the organisation Stephanie Whittaker. Stephanie has been on River CC for 11 years. Tommy said:

"Our current Secretary, Stephanie, has decided to call it a day. She's been with us for a long, long time. She's done a tremendous amount of work in that period. She's put in a power of different contributions and I'm really sorry to see her go."

To a round of applause Stephanie was then presented with a bouquet of flowers. 

Stephanie told the meeting that Nairn she owed Nairn a tremendous debt as it had been a fantastic place to live over the 32 years she had been here and she hoped that she had paid some of that back over 11 years.

The meeting then had quite a full programme and went on to discuss South Nairn in detail and the meeting between community councillors and the planning department next week on the 17th. The planners have hired Transport Consultants and will be going to that meeting with data from the latest traffic assessment. Those present, both councillors and members of the public highlighted the concern that any development at South Nairn would have on the dangerous situation for pedestrians and traffic on the Cawdor Road. There was also concern that the town's infrastructure could not cope with development in that area and that there is no link from that area to the proposed bypass. Tommy said that he had signed a joint letter from all three of the town's present community council chairs to the planning department outlining the terms under which they were prepared to attend this consultation. One member expressed exasperation that the community had to go through all this again. 

There then followed debate about the paddling pool. More about this on the Gurn later this week if time permits. 

This time round River CC had seven planning applications to consider although only two of them were discussed by those present. First up was the Parkdean application to turn part of the present East Beach car park into a touring and camping area with the construction of a shower block next to the existing toilets. 
Those present had concerns which seemed to centre mainly on the terms and conditions of the lease being proposed - they wanted to know more basically. The members agreed to write to Highland Council with their concerns. 

There was some debate about the proposed turning/delivery area at the new restaurant on the site of the Sandancer but although the question of tarmacking over a part of the grassed area at the harbour was raised most members seemed to be happy with the  addition to the restaurant development. The question of how the revised access might impact on the  of the Kayak Club and Sailing Club's plans for the area that is currently enclosed by wire fencing was raised however. The Gurn understands that the Sailing Club also met last night to discuss the application. 

And that was it - well there were a few other things we hope to mention if time permits later this week. The date of the next meeting for the new Council is not known yet.