Thursday, December 24, 2015

A makeover for the Nairn portal coming but not in time for Christmas

The site was quite the thing in its day and did the business in 2003 when it was launched.  It was jointly funded by HIE and Highland Council. Over the years though it has only sporadically been updated and as it comes quite high up the google rankings it wasn't the ideal advert for Nairn in its moribund state. Google tells you " A comprehensive portal for Nairn and Nairnshire locals and visitors" but once you got there it just had a tired and dusty feel to it. 

The Internet had moved on a bit and the site had got left behind. These days it's also all about what things look like on tablets and mobiles etc. It will be hard for this site to pick up where it started off, so much has changed - including Internet habits of visitors - the google ranking gives it a good chance though. 

Good to see that there is the promise of renewal then. As a visit to the site today suggests:

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