Monday, December 14, 2015

New term for Cawdor Community Council

Officer bearers were elected tonight in the Cawdor Community Centre as the new CC got underway with Highland Councillor Roddy Balfour in the chair for the first part of the meeting. 

Stevie Webster was elected Chair, Jim Docherty as Vice-Chair, Jenifer Walker Secretary and Gina MacKintosh as Treasurer. 

They quickly moved through business which included reference to the November minutes. Copy online here if anyone wishes to browse debate from the last meeting of the Council. 

It was reported that the Tom nan Clach wind farm proposal had been deferred at a planning meeting earlier in the day until a site visit in January could take place. 

It was reported that a considerable amount of perparatory work was going on in the Whitebridge area.

A pub quiz held recently to raise funds for the 2016 Bonfire had raised £406. A forthcoming fashion show was a sell-out already. 

Jennifer Walker mentioned that she had received complaints about gritting. Roddy Blafour said he would investigate whether it was still Highland Council policy to grit school routes before they opened as there seemed to be conflicting information on that point. 

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Anonymous said...

speaking of Whitebridge - still no restrictions - just when will the council actual enforce their decision - its not like the bridge is getting any stronger the longer they leave it. seems bizarre to me....