Friday, December 18, 2015

Liz's TTIP motion passed at Highland Council

Liz told the Gurn: "Due to the high concern of the public, members of the SNP and politicians at all levels of governance I prepared a motion to go to the Highland Council meeting on 17th December, to raise our fears about the possible negative impact TTIP could have on Local Authority services. This motion was passed by Highland Council"

Liz's motion below:

"The Highland Council notes the ongoing negotiation between the European Union and the USA on the Transatlantic Trade & Investment Partnership [TTIP] and expresses its disappointment that the negotiations are underway in secret and without input or oversight from representatives of local government.

The Council believes that TTIP could have a detrimental impact on public services, employment, and suppliers, and that the proposed Investor–State Dispute Settlement mechanism could be used to undermine the democratic decision-making of local and national government.

The Council requests that the Leader writes to Scotland’s Members of the European Parliament to the UK Government and Scottish Government expressing concerns about the possible detrimental effect of TTIP on local government and raises these concerns at COSLA."

There is a lot out there on the net about TTIP - here's a page of google results if anyone wants to find out more. 

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Anonymous said...

Don't the SNP understand that this is exactly how the EU works. They don't want anything decided locally. Heaven help us if Scotland ever becomes 'independent' from the rUK and then signs up to the EU project, this is just a foretaste of the new order that awaits.