Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Community decision makers wanted for rural Inverness and Nairn areas

Some of that "LEADER" Euro cash is back on the table. More in a press release from Highland Council:

The Highland LEADER Programme is looking for volunteers to join a new Local Area Partnership (LAP). The Inner Moray Firth South LAP will be responsible for allocating funding towards projects which will benefit communities in Nairnshire and Rural Inverness, excluding Inverness City.

LEADER is an EU Fund aimed at promoting economic and community development within rural areas. Part of the development of the new Highland LEADER Programme, which is expected to launch in March 2016, includes the setting up of seven LAPs across Highland.

The Inner Moray Firth South LAP will have a budget in the region of £400,000 to award to small businesses and communities in the LAP area over the next four years. 

Individuals, groups, organisations and businesses in Nairnshire and Rural Inverness will also have the opportunity to apply for funding for rural enterprise and farm diversification projects with a budget in the region of £1.76m available for projects in Highland. Funding in the region of £880,000 will be available for co-operation projects between Local Area Partnership areas in Highland and for projects between organisations or groups in Scotland, the UK, Europe or further afield.

The work the Inner Moray Firth South LAP undertakes will be supported by Fiona Daschofsky, LEADER Development Officer for Nairnshire and Rural Inverness. Fiona will work with applicants in the area, providing support and guidance from application stage through to project delivery.

Fiona Daschofsky, LEADER Development Officer said: “Applications for the LAP are sought by 31st January 2016 from local people who have experience of working in/with community or youth groups and/or business/industry. LAP Members will help to establish and promote LEADER locally and determine grant applications over the course of the Programme which runs until 2020.”

The Highland Strategic Local Action Group (LAG) is responsible for the overall management and delivery of the Highland LEADER Programme.

Chair of the Strategic LAG, Jon Hollingdale said: “LEADER is community led with decision making on local development priorities taken by local groups. We are keen to hear from people who have a good understanding of the social impact and benefits that different types of projects can deliver. It is important that we have a good mix of people sitting on the LAP so that the views of the whole community can be represented; training on assessing LEADER applications will be provided.”

For an application form to join the Inner Moray Firth South LAP please email: Visit for further information about the Highland LEADER Programme.

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Anonymous said...

Oh boy, another layer, just what we need. Aren't these what we call community councillors?