Thursday, December 10, 2015

River CC underway for another session as Highland Council ward manager Liz Cowie gets things up and running

Liz Cowie, assisted by Liz MacDonald got the new set-up underway at River CC in the URC hall last night. 
Office bearers elected were:

John Hume Chair
Tommy Hogg vice-chair
Des Scholes Secretary
Steven Bain Treasurer

After the initial part of the meeting Liz Cowie handed over to John Hume. The newly constituted council then discussed the new session of consultations on South Nairn which the Highland Council planning department wish to move forward. Disquiet at the fact that Highland Council wished to pursue consultation at at time the the community councils had in fact been in limbo and also during the run up to the holiday period was expressed. 

Other subjects debated were

Recent meeting of Scottish Water with Community Councillors.
Common Good leases. 
First Steps nursery. 
Painting the wee bridges on the riverside walk.
Paddling pool update from Liz - time for a completely new one? 
Doggie jobbies - time for stronger bylaws?
A grit bin for the Jubilee Bridge? 
Lochloy - lack of adoption of sewage systems by Highland Council and other problems. 

Things are rather hectic in Gurn HQ at them moment but we hope to bring you more on these topics when time permits. The Nairnshire Telegraph also had a reporter present last night and so news will also emerge by analogue methods next Monday night.


Salty said...

I see the seagulls got a good talking to

Anonymous said...

So .... are they going to actually do anything constructive about the seagulls next year or just talk about it & do nothing as per usual????

Alistair Carmichael said...

Will Liz every leave our paddling pool alone. I can see the old one getting demolished and then the council saying 'oh we've no money to build a new one'

Ivor the imaginary reporter said...

Thank you Alistair. Unfortunately, whatever happens, it seems from last night and previous discussions reported in the local press that leaving the paddling pool alone is not an option given the current state of affairs.

Ivor the imaginary reporter said...

thanks for that Narook, will keep it below the radar however :-)

Anonymous said...

This is in reference to the new paddling pool post but it wont allow me to comment?
Anyhow, I was in the Cotswolds earlier this year in a town called Evesham. They had a lovely little park, and next to it was a little water park for kids with spray fountains etc that were activated by pressure pads, it was a lot of fun. Would this be a viable suggestion to replace the paddling pool? it could be used on many more days throughout the year. The link is here and it is photo number 2, click on the arrow.