Monday, December 21, 2015

Monday night miscellany

A new application for the former Windsor Hotel has appeared on the Highland Council e-planning pages: "Alter Hotel to form smaller Guest House, and convert remainder of Hotel, and change use, to 13 flats." Gurnites can browse the application here.

Alastair Ramsay from Nairn Academy has been chosen as one of Scotland’s Young Ambassadors for Inclusion.

"Alastair was chosen to represent Highlands as part of the new Scotland’s Young Ambassadors for Inclusion programme developed by Education Scotland.

Through the programme, young people who face barriers to education will be given a voice at a national level to help make a significant impact in raising awareness of the issues around additional support needs and inclusive education.

Alastair met with his fellow Ambassadors for their first meeting on 8 December where they discussed their experiences of inclusive education and how they have benefited from having the right support in place.

The meeting hosted by Education Scotland also provided the opportunity for Alastair to share his views of the support provided by teachers and classmates, their learning environment, and give their perspective on how additional support for learning can be further improved."  More including picture on the Highland Council website.

Nairn Health Care have produced a two page leaflet that gives guidance on looking after yourself. It gives you extensive information on all the health care services in our area and a list of phone numbers. You can see a copy on line here. 

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