Sunday, December 27, 2015

Christmas planning

We reported earlier that a new application was in for the Windsor Hotel but here it is again in case any gurnites missed it:

“A new application for the former Windsor Hotel has appeared on the Highland Council e-planning pages: "Alter Hotel to form smaller Guest House, and convert remainder of Hotel, and change use, to 13 flats." Gurnites can browse the application here.

Also back up is a “Ghost Island” proposal from Cawdor Maintenance Trust on the A96 at Delnies. The application seeks to vary the condition which requires the developer to provide a roundabout giving access to the Delnies development site. The roundabout that planners had insisted would go there would have also serviced development on the Sandown site. The application was received by Highland Council on 17th December and can be seen on their e-planning pages here. 

A previous application in 2014 was withdrawn that application received a combined objection from the the town's (then) three community councils. As part of the reason for replacing the roundabout with a ghost island junction the application reads:
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The new restaurant at the harbour has received permission for a turning/delivery point. The application received a number of objections but was dealt with under delegated powers by a council planning officer. It was determined that there were no material considerations that would warrant refusal of the application. Gurnites can see the detailed responses to points made by those making comments under the documents tab on the applications page shere. The existing shelter on the site of the turning point will be demolished and a similar structure will have to be rebuilt elsewhere at a site determined by the Council. 

In Belivat Terrace a newbuild house application has been resubmitted as the level of the building was raised due to poor ground conditions. More details here.