Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Group of pupils planning Climate Strike Action at Nairn Academy on Friday

Many Gurnites will perhaps have seen media coverage of "Climate Rebellion" strikes at schools across the UK as young people demand stronger action to basically stop us all making this planet uninhabitable. On Friday depending on the interest among pupils there may be a similar action at Nairn Academy

One of the organisers told the Gurn: " I have been coordinating the school strike for Nairn Academy pupils on the Friday, march 15th. 

The strike is in effort for our voices to be heard about climate change as politicians have been avoiding this crisis for too long!

Hopefully by striking along with hundreds of thousands of other school pupils across the UK we will bring awareness to this issue."

Below is a poster that the campaigners have created to advertise the event and a meeting at the Academy. 


Anonymous said...

I presume all the climate change campaigners will be giving up all flights abroad and internal flights too!!!
Not much use not buying plastic bags and buying electric cars if we are still having trips abroad.
It will take one person a few lifetimes to of recycling to make up for even one flight.


MURD would like to know
It will be interesting to know how many will now decide to walk to school and give up what is called the school run to prevent using cars that are responsible for the air we all breath deign contaminated.
Some thing that will also help traffic to move more freely not only in Nairn but at all schools. And very often when it is cold the owners sit at the school exits with the engines running.

Climate change said...

Pupils are just that, people of all ages learning.

I applaud Nairn Academy students taking action against climate change. It's their parents who have chosen to give them lifts to school in their cars, the older generation. I as one of those am ashamed we've done so little so try and stop climate change including using cheap flights.

Seeing the current mess that the Westminster government is in perhaps we should hand over control to our youngsters, I'm sure they wouldn't make such a hash of it and if polls are correct would support an independent Scotland and membership of the EU

Anonymous said...

Time to pass the reins over to the younger generation. 16 year olds should have the vote and it is time to remove the vote from the over 65s. Voting is about the future - and it is clear from the age-profile of voters that the older folk failed Scotland on Independence, failed the UK on Brexit and failed Nairn by electing 3 Tory/Independent Councillors. As you get older you talk of "The good old days" - and they weren't good, we just wear rose-tinted spectacles, talk fondly of the Queen, want National Service back, dream of Empire, ruling the waves, holding doors open for ladies, not walking on the grass, standing up in the cinema for the anthem, children being seen and not heard .........
Yours etc
Lt Comm Buffy Biggins
Retired, aged 94 and a half .......

Anonymous said...

Independent Scotland and membership of the EU would do what for climate change.?

Anonymous said...

Anon at 10.56
I think that we would contribute more towards the research, the campaign to change minds, the policies to reduce impact - in partnership with our like-minded Scandi neighbours. Do you think that the disunited Kingdom of Brexitania will achieve more?