Wednesday, March 06, 2019

Planning: developer contributions going to help finance High Life Dance Studio and cafe at Swimming Pool

Here at the Gurn we have been browsing through the details of a planning application on the Highland Council e-planning pages.  "We came across the following on a document entitled Development Plans Response":

"High Life Highland have committed to providing a new dance studio and sea facing café area in Nairn. All new housing developments within the Nairn Academy School catchment area are required to provide contributions towards this facility." 

And sure enough it says on that document "Community Facilities Nairn Leisure Centre. Expansion to provide dance studio and sea facing café area. £1,022". And as it is for ten houses the total is £10,220.

Now a dance studio fair enough but surely this will compete with other cafes in Nairn? Time to give developer contribution cash to all the cafes in Nairn to help out all round?  Here at the Gurn we think that the Highlife cafe venture should stand or fall on its own ability to generate revenue. 

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