Thursday, March 07, 2019

Liz proposes Nuclear Free Highlands motion for SNP group but it is defeated as Tom Heggie and other Highland Cllrs vote for Tory pro nuclear amendment

Here at the Gurn we are inclined to believe that the majority of people in our community would have grave doubts about more nuclear power stations in the Highlands, thus this observer was quite shocked to see on social media this afternoon the following comment by SNP Highland Councillor Emma Knox:

"Absolutely gutted. The Highland Council just voted 46 votes to 15 to explore the development of new nuclear power sources in the Highlands rather than join the group of Nuclear Free Local Authorities."

The amendment proposed by the Conservative group on the Council won the day. Emma Knox published a list of how members voted. This observer found it hard to read and asked her how Nairn members voted. Here is her reply: 
Emma Knox later told us that Tom didn't participate in the debate (which you can now see added to this article in the Highland Council embedded video below). : 

There was quick reaction from the Green side of Scottish politics:

Speaking after Highland Council voted today to explore the development of new nuclear power sources in the Highlands, Highland and Islands Green MSP John Finnie said:

“Only this highly dysfunctional administration would consider a return to nuclear power.

“The Highlands and Islands is rich in wind, wave, tidal, solar power potential yet the unenlightened turn their back on that renewable wealth and seek a return to nuclear power, adding to the disastrous legacy we’ve already bequeathed on future generations."

The nuclear debate that took place in the Glenurquhart Road chamber earlier today. 


Anonymous said...

Unbelievable! In the Highlands we have an abundance of alternative energy sources. What the hell are they playing at? As for Mr Heggie, I stupidly voted for you and you have been a huge disappointment to say the least. I will not be voting for you again.

Anonymous said...

I have to echo the anonymous comment above - word for word.

Anonymous said...

We should be very careful who we vote for,this doesnt reflect the wishes of the people in the highland.

Anonymous said...

Anon at 5.10PM - I totally agree with you

Tree-hugger said...

Anonymous at 5.10pm...I agree with your sentiments completely. Mr. Heggie seems to be living in a world which is disregarding the future of our young people.Strange for a man who is always spouting that we are not listening to young peoples voices in Nairn. If he had bothered to consult with our youth on which way to vote, I am sure the answer would have been overwhelmingly against the motion. No wonder the children are speaking out against politicians when there are DINOSAURS like this making the decisions. Time you were out Mr Heggie!!!I grew up with the threat of nuclear war, and can remember very clearly being terrified. It made me very aware of the need to protect this precious planet and I have been working hard for nature ever since.

Burty said...

It beggars belief that councillor Heggie voted the way he did, considering how much time and effort he has put into the visits for the Belarus children affected by Chernobyl.
It would almost appear that he knows he's on a shoogly peg and his chances of re-election are slim so he's putting the boot in while he has the chance