Thursday, March 21, 2019

Railway Station Access Issues - George Street access point knocked back

Murd has for some time been campaigning for an access point into the railway station on George Street to improve prospects for those disabled and other folk that might have problems crossing to the Inverness bound platform via the station railway bridge. 

He has learnt from Fergus Ewing that the George Street idea has been knocked back however. In an e-mail from Fergus's office he was told that the decision had been made after Both Network Rail and Scotrail reached this decision after consulting with BT Police and Police Scotland on this matter. The official decision was based thus:

"When the option to create an access point from George Street was assessed against rail safety standards, it became obvious that it would import unnecessary risk impacting on the safety of customers. It was felt by all parties that creating an uncontrolled direct access in the middle of a housing scheme populace with children and youth would inevitably become an easy crossing point into town therefore encouraging trespass and causing disruption to the operation of rail."


Anonymous said...

Thank goodness for that, it's common sense. Children and railways..... just too dangerous.

Shankie said...

Is he saying they don't trust the Shankies?

Anonymous said...

Thank goodness, not only was it not a safe idea but to make disabled people add that amount on to their journey was ridiculous!


What I originally proposed was for a entrance from George street George street and suggested that opened into in to a enclosed holding area with another gate to allow access on to the platform.
I would think it could be possible for a time lock on the second gate operated on the same lines as the singling that would allow people to get on to the platform.
This would prevent it being used for any other reason apart from passengers to use.
[ Not a direct access on to the platform]
The situation at the at the moment is what is there is a danger for people to get access to and from that platform.
Especially for any one who can not access by the existing steps and have no other option but to cross a busy road and then go up Balblair road that have no pavements and used by big heavy lorries . The fact they say it would create a easy point for going to the town that is something I would disagree with surely it is easer to use Church street which takes you into the middle of the town. Also it they say it would cause trespassing. At the moment that is the situation with School users who do use it to go to school and put them selves in danger when having to cross both roads. If some kind of time lock could be installed say 15min before and after trains arrive. That would prevent it being used for any thing but access to and from the trains. Safer access pitictulare for the disabled who would not know how to get off the platform arriving here as a stranger to the town not knowing how to get off the platform. At the moment there is no way of knowing how you get off.
Hopefully all concerned and say they want to improve things in Nairn will take this on board and do some thing and give it the support it requires and remove the danger that exists at the moment.
Other people’s thoughts and comments I am Shure will be appreciated by my self and the press let your thoughts be known to all.


Anonymous said...

Not a Nairn station user, but curious as to how disabled / wheelchair people access the opposite platform?


IT would be interesting to know how it would add to the disabled having further to go. The dangers of going up the Balblair road would still be there if they want to put there self at risk of using a road full of dangers and no pavement.
It is of little wonder of why the comment was made by anonymous when they think like that.