Friday, March 22, 2019

Works under way for new Nairn High Street crossing - Highland Council Press Release - crossing will be commissioned after Courthouse scaffolding removed

Interesting press release but is it outside the Courthouse? A 48 week wait then?

A new pedestrian crossing aims to provide a safer High Street for Nairn town centre as works progress on Nairn Courthouse renovations.

The Highland Council has commenced works to install a pedestrian crossing with lighting outside the Courthouse on Nairn High Street. Bollards will be installed and crossing lighting commissioned after scaffolding has been dismantled and removed from renovation works at the Courthouse building.

Councillor Tom Heggie, Chair of the Council’s Nairnshire Committee said: “Pedestrians will be given priority with the introduction of this new crossing. Nairnshire Councillors agreed to proceed with the crossing after consultation with the Nairn Access Panel. The members were delighted to work with the access panel to provide an additional safe crossing for people in the High Street. The crossing will be of benefit all year round for locals and visitors to Nairn.”

Cable ducting and poles for the crossing lights have already been installed, as have dropped kerbs. White lining and bollards will be completed as soon as the Courthouse scaffolding is removed.

Members were recently given an update at the Nairnshire Committee on the Courthouse renovation works including an overview focusing on the need to address structural integrity matters of the property; the acceleration of the project start to enable scaffolding to be erected early to address the structural works; and the 48 week programme including the removal of the spire which take place during July - August.

Members were advised that presentation boards about the renovations works would be made available for the public to view either in the Courthouse lobby or in the external entrance way formed by the scaffold.

A decision has yet to be made on whether the former flagpole will be reinstated, as the existing parapet stonework had been weakened by movement of the pole. The operation of raising and lowering flags via the narrow tower access ladder is also under review.

The Council is aware that the steeple clock has stopped and it will be removed by specialist contractors for protection, stored, serviced and restored at the end of the project. On completion of the Courthouse works, Members will review the best use of the building for future events.


Anonymous said...

Oh, yet another clusterburach from the Council. They don't even know what's happening, does anybody actually check what is being said in their press releases? Makes you wonder about some of the other stuff they come out with.

The lights and bollards for the crossing have already been installed by Happylicious and the old Taxi 24 office which, to my reckoning, is not outside the Courthouse! Are we still going to have to wait 48 weeks for the scaffolding to come down before the white lines are done?

And as for the actual crossing itself, was is it really necessary or is this just funds being used up from some budget at the end of the financial year?

Anonymous said...

What fluff is Heggie speaking now?

Wee dram said...

I've never heard of a seasonal crossing, am I missing something?

Anonymous said...

You can guarantee people will still just wander out into the road and not use the crossing.

Lolly Pop said...

One thing about Highland Council and our 4 reps, if there is a vacuous decision to be made they will find a way to make it. Usually in spades.
The High Street is 20 mph restricted. The A96 is not. There has been a need for a crossing at the Duncan Drive for the School and did we get one.... course not - because its Transport Scotland & Bear and the Council could not (ask) persuade them nor can our useless 4.
Budget got to be spent.