Saturday, March 16, 2019

Statement from one of the Nairn Academy Climate Strike Activists; "We need the government to declare a state of climate emergency and aim to get people talking about this crisis."

Dayne told the Gurn:

"Others and myself decided that not enough action was being taken by global and UK politicians on climate change, so we decided to strike to address the issue that will impact all of us, for the 15th, the future and our future.

Not enough action has been taken, Myself and many students of Nairn Academy are sick of people with high authority not addressing this as an emergency.

We need the government to declare a state of climate emergency and aim to get people talking about this crisis.

I will continue to take action on making this public and helping in any way that I can.

If we do not take this seriously we will cause unnecessary suffering to people around the world from the effects of climate change including ourselves. 

People around me always tell me to stand up for something that I believe in, so I did that.
My name is Dayne Inglis, 16, 5th year Nairn Academy."

Gurn Comment: Here at the Gurn we support the youth who want nothing more than a decent future on a planet that supports life. We are well on our way to making our home uninhabitable. There is no Planet B we have to do everything we can to make sure that the youth of today have a future.

Get involved folks. There are things we can do as individuals, groups, communities etc but we also have to insist on massive, systematic, structural changes - good on the youth of Nairn for leading the way. Let's do it before it is too late.  "NIMBI - Now I must become Involved"


Anonymous said...

Well Done Dayne and Nairn Academy pupils ! When I was 16 I campaigned for Nuclear Disarmament something which we have not yet achieved nearly 50 year later. However, the threat to the Planet and all of us is even greater now than ever before. There can be no excuses now as the evidence is all around and clear. All of us can do our own individual bit and make the politicians prioritise the welfare of the Planet, on which every living thing depends. Never give up !

Tree-hugger said...

One minute to midnight?.....these youngsters have a massive amount of hard work to do. They will have to be resilient and harden their resolve in their fight to make the politicians listen to them. I wish them all the luck in the world. The human race have been abusing nature for too long, but when you think about, we humans have not been here that long in the true scale of things. But in that time , we have managed to do a massive amount of damage.

Anonymous said...

Start by walking to school and telling your parents——-no more holidays abroad by plane.!
You are so right that we need action but it means we all have to make sacrifices.
If the big countries don t come on board —-it will be pointless.
Our country alone cannot change things.