Thursday, March 07, 2019

Sequoia threatened by Albyn Housing planning application - Highland Council Forestry Officer says " I am not in a position to support the layout as it stands"

The tree under threat from Albyn Housing plans

The Highland Council's South Highland Forestry Officer is one of the consultees on the Albyn Housing planning application that include the felling of a 27m Sequoia on land (as stated in the planning application)  "50M North Of The Hermitage St Olaf Manor Cawdor Road Nairn."  

He quotes the following in his report:

"Policy 51 (Trees and Development) of the Highland wide Local Development Plan states that ‘The Council will support development which promotes significant protection to existing hedges, trees and woodlands on and around development sites. The acceptable developable area of a site is influenced by tree impact, and adequate separation distances will be required between established trees and any new development."  

He then goes on to outline a number of concerns in 12 numbered paragraphs.  On the Sequoia itself he states: "I am very concerned by the proposal to remove this significant tree without sufficient rationale."  

He concludes: "I am concerned by the overall impact of the proposals on this site and the low level of replacement planting.  I am not in a position to support the layout as it stands."

You can read the Forestery Officer's report in full here on the Highland Council e-planning site and also browse all the other submissions and documents related to this application. 

Nairn River Community Council are calling for Albyn housing to alter the plans so the Sequoia stays to be enjoyed byfuture generations. See a previous Gurn article about their comments and what other objectors have to say here. 

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