Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Another former cinema has problems

A regular reader of the Gurn called the former Regal building the 'Cinema of Nightmares', a joke inspired no doubt by the Ballerina Ballroom cinema of Dreams festival that is coming soon to the top of the brae. Now another former Nairn cinema is making the news, the Nairn County Social Club (click picture to enlarge) will close its doors from the end of the month. The chairman of the club is quoted in the Nairnshire, ' Members are just not using the club, but it is probably a sign of the times with all the pubs finding it difficult.'
Incidentally you can now book tickets for the Ballerina Cinema of Dreams on Tilda Swinton's festival website. Sales it seems are going well for the two weekends with bookings being made from many overseas locations, you'd better hurry if you want advance tickets but there will be some available each night on a first come first served basis.


iRight said...

Clubs such as the Nairn County Social Club are closing their doors up and down the country. Folk are allegedly more sophisticated now and want a pleasant family meal when they venture out, rather than a few cheap pints to slake their thirst post a hard days manual labour.
Nanny state fingers have also wagged for bringing in drink driving laws and the dreaded smoking ban.
A new reality is the economy, when times are hard folk stay in and if you want a drink supermarkets are still offering pretty good deals. Will the new family entertainment see us all gathered around an iPod for a good singsong? I doubt it; the great majority will be sat in front of that great entertainer the TV

Ballerina Cinema of Dreams
Here’s hoping that Nairn will see a world premier on opening night with red carpet rolling down the brae, searchlights illuminating the night sky, crowds gathered to witness the tiara adorned stars, and trays of fairy cakes as far as the eye can see. Maybe it will just be a cab from Willie’s taxis rather than the stretch limo though? – we can all dream!

Nairnac said...

Nairn businesses disappearing from the High Street really is becoming a worrying trend.

Could there be the opportunity to tempt the 150+ sozzled revellers now being thrown out of the Vic at 11 o'clock to stagger next door and empty their pockets in the Social Club for an extra couple of hours binging ?

Graisg said...

Hi Nairnac, don't know much about numbers or intake in Nairn's pub these days but do know that for a lot of people the party only begins at eleven.
Prefer to drink at home with the off-licene stuff, cheaper by far.

Graisg said...


the Vic could of course always buy the social club and knock a hole in the wall, that way everyone would be happy? 'Ding, ding, 11 o' clock folks, please head for the gap in the masonary.'

The Gurn spoke to a totally unreliable source today who said that he beleived the projection room etc was still in existence at the social club and had simply been boarded up. mmmm, chance for Tilda Swinton to expand the film festival?

Nairnac said...

Your right Graisg, maybe Nairn can become cinema central.
There seems to be more chance of the Regal showing movies again than ever becoming a 21st century supermarket and with the Ballerina in business and the social club ready to convert back to a picture house at the swing of a hammer, a whole new future for Nairn could unfold.
With the successful book festival and jazz festival well established and the most bohemian film festival in the world kicking off this year, with more cinemas per head of population than anywhere else, Nairn's future as a quirky arts destination could be assured.
Stranger things have happened and it could probably done for less than the cost of an Invernessian fireworks display.

eala said...

Maybe we could have a co-op festival as well, as and when Somerfields put up the new signs! Folk could travel between the two stores in town comparing pricing, staff, stock etc

Graisg said...

Turning into an unreliable source myself now Nairnac but I think there are facilities to show films in the new community centre and the Little Theatre too.

'Think! think is no good boy, I want know!' - just had a flashback...have to go and get a cup of tea...

Graisg said...

Eala, an amazing idea, we also have the Tradespark co-op in the suburbs and the shop at the Lochloy Junction seems to have co-op stock but isn't part of the empire as such it seems.

Nairnac said...

By jove Graisg, I think you're onto something.
At this rate Strachans (showing The Paperboy), Ronnie Watsons (showing Oranges aren't the only Fruit and the Harbour St PO (The Postman always rings twice)will all be converted into movie theatres before the year's out. The future's bright thanks to Tilda Swinton's home knitted film festival.