Thursday, July 31, 2008

The Gurn survival guide

The survival guide to reading the Gurn that is. First look at this idyllic picture of one of Nairn's glorious sunsets.

Nairn is wonderful, amazing, friendly and picturesque so if you are a first timer here don't go reading anything to do with sewerage. Yes there has been a bit of local difficulty at the 'Merryton Bridge' but with the help of SEPA, Scottish Water and the Highland Council Environmental Health department plus the Gurn's legion of co-conspirators it could be that that is all now past. As our regular correspondent Iright recently wrote:

'For decades Nairn has peddled itself as a beautiful seaside town. It still attracts the tourists to it's clean golden beaches, river, paths, and bridges. Holidaymakers stop for ice creams, and eat them as quick as they can walking around the harbour before they melt. Ducks, swans, and even seagulls enjoy the influx as bread and other fast foods are fed to them. On the beach people paddle, swim, windsurf, and get dragged along by kites. Sandcastles are made, dams are built, and parents are buried, all safe good fun. B&Bs put up no vacancy signs, bars, restaurants and cafes are full. At Woolies (Formally Woowarts) shelves are running short in some places, tourists are here and loving every moment, Visit Scotland has done its job. They peer into solicitor’s windows to see if they could afford to live here - the perfect scene? A resident famous film star is about to hold a film festival, there is a jazz festival, Highland games and much more. There is no Tescos but a handful of High Street shops to get your messages But... suddenly...'

Never mind the 'buts' folks go to this slightly chaotic site to look at loads of amazing pictures that show you how wonderful the area is (you'll have to scroll down a bit once you get there to really research it.) Far better than looking at all the awful sewerage pictures on this blog page.

Seriously folks if you are coming here for the Film and Jazz festivals or liked it so much at the Book festival that you bought a house and stayed then have a great time and enjoy our gurning and if you have anything you want to get off your chest please let us know.

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