Wednesday, July 30, 2008

The Sewerage Bridge: was fat to blame?

Scottish Water employees busy working on the stretch of pipe that leads from the Sewerage Bridge to the Maggot road told the Gurn that they have discovered large quantities of fat in the pipe. If this is the case does the community bear some collective responsibility or is it just one or a few individuals that are to blame? No doubt more will be revealed by Scottish Water later.
The Gurn expects that some will be sceptical but this would not be the first time that fat has caused problems in Nairn sewers.
Someone has also dug a soak away from the scene of the weekend's huge sewer lagoon. A ditch now goes between two of the huge conifers (well-fed trees indeed but now with disturbed root systems) but does not directly enter the river. If there are more discharges this is where the water will gather. Scottish Water vehicle on the Maggot this lunchtimeThe new soak away from the footpath just below the Sewerage Bridge


Spelding said...

Whatever was to blame, the area still hasn't been cleaned up properly. I was walking down there tonight and it still stinks. Surely there must be health issues with all this festering sewage material still lying about? Why hasn't the area been cleaned, I can understand the issues with polluting the river but, lets face it, a little bit more shit going into the river is not going to make that much more difference. Can't they get a pressure washer or something and get the place cleaned up once and for all before some human or animal ends up with some nasty bug?

Graisg said...

Word on the grapevine is that Highland Council Environmental Health Department were down there today.
Yes still a need for more work , there has been a big effort this time, including a quick strim of some affected long grass but there is still evidence of the pollution down there.

Anonymous said...

was fat to blame?

Who is fat?

Anonymous said...

Wow! Spelding, Graisg... as in the immortal words that the Gurn stated to iRight

Let's have a summer of Peace and Love instead of a Summer of Sewerage. Chill Iright, chill, just a wee bit alarmist perhaps?

So let's have that summer of peace and love even though there might be a strange smell in the air!

Anonymous said...

The whole of the community contributed to the fat problem. Good to see this is an isolated problem and not a "world ending disaster" as some people seem to view it.

Graisg said...

The Editor of the Gurn was yesterday talking about fat in drains with a Nairn plumber. He says he comes across fat in all sizes of drains.

We do have a responsibility as reagards to what we pour down our sinks and our cludgies.

In press reports Scottish Water stated that they were waiting for specialist equipment to remove the rest of the fat. Has it come yet? Many Nairnites will tell you how Games week is famous for the downpours. We don't really need any more jobbies on the path down there, there still is an unmistakable wiff in the air.