Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Sewerage Bridge blows again overnight?

The Gurn understands that SEPA is today investigating a report that the the Merryton Bridge was once again in full flow. If this complaint turns out to be correct then it would indicate that something is seriously wrong with the Nairn Sewerage system in this area if the bridge can release sewerage onto the footpaths three times in 11 days. The Gurn has been down to take pictures and it seems indeed the manhole cover has moved again and fresh material is on the path - down by the site where a huge lagoon had formed on Sunday it looks as though the left over detritus has received a suspicious brown top up. Although it is hard to tell which is the filth from last time and the time before that, so unsatisfactory has been the clean-up at the weekend. At least SEPA are on their way to investigate an 'unsatisfactory situation.' Maybe the Highland Council environmental health department should get down there too.
The site of Sunday's lagoon receives a brown top up that has mysteriously appeared overnight. Looks like the manhole cover has moved again and detrius has appeared again in the site of the previous 'clean-up.'


Nairn said...

Maybe someone from SEPA would like to post a comment?

Graisg said...

An e-mail would be better Eala, easier for the Gurn to verify the origin.