Wednesday, July 16, 2008

What now for the local economy?

Just how badly will the current economic problems affect Nairn and the surrounding area? Already there are reports of less visitors coming to the area and word of pay-offs in the building trade. Will we weather the coming storm better than others? It is difficult to predict really when even the experts don't seem to know how bad things really are. Nairn blogger Bill has written about how he sees the coming course of events, again, how his analysis will translate into the local situation is hard to say.
The picture? It's a Dutch flower wholesaler's lorry that regulary visits the High Street to supply a local business, will it be worth him coming to Scotland in the near future as the economic downturn/crisis (call it what you will) continues? At least he can fill up with cheaper fuel before he sets off.
The Courier reports the 'Action for Planning Transparency Committee' calling for a change of direction from our local council as regards the drive for development along the A96 corridor.
“In this new and difficult economic environment, what sense is there in the Highland Council persisting with their controversial plans for the A96 Corridor in their present form?” Asks a spokesperson, more here. Good question indeed, but who can claim to be in control of events now?
At least we still have our dreams and on that subject the The Ballerina Ballroom Cinema of Dreams now has a website and promises a full programme of films soon. The perfect opportunity to take our minds off the bad news will be with us soon.

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Nairn said...

The photo of the massive flower lorry which has driven hundreds of miles underlines the end of an era. With rocketing everyday living costs flowers will become a latte item, something that is nice but do we really need to buy them? No!
If you think about your daily spend how many other items are there to add to the 'latte' list? Start thinking and start saving