Sunday, July 20, 2008

Nain's bridge of jobbies and shame

Thanks to Joe for the Picture. In the early hours of Saturday morning a heavy rainstorm caused the manhole covers on both sides of the aptly named sewerage bridge to rise and release hundreds perhaps thousands of gallons of untreated filth onto the paths and the riverbanks. One thing a picture cannot convey and that is the smell that hung over the area throughout the day. A taste of it is probably still there at this moment. Surely something can be done about this, why should dog walkers, cyclists, children that play in this spot and others that pass this way every day have to risk coming across the likes of this?
Bizarrely someone had earlier emptied the contents of the red dog-shit bin you can see on the right of the picture on to the manhole cover. Was it mere vandalism or someone making a point about there being more human shit around that the dog variety? Perhaps it was just sewerage art as about two dozen assorted coloured bags with their dog turd contents glistened in the sun surrounded by mankind's unwrapped offerings.
After a local citizen gurned to SEPA it seemed that someone did come out and sweep the contents to one side later in the day but should disinfectant have been used on the paths? Why should Nairnites have to endure medieval sewerage conditions every time there is heavy rain? You can click on the picture to enlarge if you have the stomach.
Very soon around 40 flats are to be built on the other side of the fence in the picture, perhaps a retaining wall will be necessary to stop further floods of sewerage heading in that direction too.

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Nairn said...

Is this not a photo of the new Inverness beach?