Thursday, July 24, 2008

Lack of litter resources on hot days?

Joe sends us a picture and a gurn about how the Council have trouble keeping up with the litter on hot days down at the beaches. A need for bigger bins during the summer? People are making the effort but sometimes there's just no room for more. Makes life fun for the enterprising Jackdaw however, and nearby everyone busy enjoying the Nairn sunshine by means antique and modern. Thanks for the pictures Joe.
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Bill said...

I saw the man on the penny-farthing ride past my apartment a few days back - I did a double-take as I had only recently got out of bed!

Graisg said...

Eala, thanks for your comment about who uses the bins and perhaps why they shouldn't. To publish the comment in full would require a wee bit of evidence, we have to be fair to all concerned and observe reasonable standards just like the dead tree press, can you get the Gurn a few pictures for example?

Please feel free to contact the Gurn with a telephone number, all our sources are not revealed.

Nairn said...

'and observe reasonable standards just like the dead tree press'

Who are you using for guidance? News of the World?!