Thursday, July 24, 2008

The Gurn goes to Auldearn - Chaidh an Gurn gu Allt Eireann

The Gurn went out to Auldearn today and on the way it was evident that everything was nearly ready for Saturday's Nairn show, it will be interesting to see how things go on the new site just of the A96. If the good weather continues until the weekend that will help. Don't forget there will be a free bus service to take you to the show.
Things are starting to look bilingual in Auldearn, if this design on the village notice board is anything to go buy

Auldearn is a village with some surprising architecture.

Click the first and fourth pictures to enlarge, the second doesn't want to play for some reason and the third won't enlarge much anyway.
today and on the way it was evident that everything was nearly ready for Saturday


Caspar said...

Why's it been moved out of Nairn? Is it a temporary thing?

Graisg said...

The Nairnshire Farming Society are just trying it out to see how it goes. The future, who knows. You have to admit the backdrop will be good and after four days of amazing weather and more predicted it might be a very succesful event.

Graisg said...

Just whispered in my ear that it is a trial basis to see if they can expand and develop the Nairn show.

Nairn said...

If the Farming Society are looking for more space they'd better make the most of their new location this year as the housing development on Lochloy Road is fast stretching towards Auldearn!