Tuesday, July 08, 2008

End of an era and yet another change to the High Street

A unique and independent business will disappear from the High Street from Saturday, 2nd of August 2008. Unfortunately, due to illness, one of the stalwarts of the town centre, Ronnie Watson’s the Fruit shop, will close its double doors for the last time. The town will be duller without the colourful window displays of a multitude of fruit and flowers, the oranges, bananas, grapes, carnations and roses, the tatties, strawberries and daffodils in the door way.

It will also miss the Watsons’ themselves; ‘I’ll just pop in a few extra …’, the adding up of your bill by the trusty old pencil stub, the unhurried slowness of gathering your requested items, the old message bike, the banter.

This is an event on par with the closure of Rose Brothers. The Gurn thanks Ronnie, Allan and the late Mrs Watson for all their service over the past 48 years.

An end of an era indeed.

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Nairnac said...

Another sad day for the Nairn community as Watsons joins the Harbour Street PO, Clydesdale Bank, the court facilities, Dole Office, Job Centre etc etc in the annals of Nairn history.
It makes the the ongoing portrait of Ronnie and Alan all the more timely.
A healthy does of respect is due to the artist for his efforts.