Friday, September 25, 2009

Amazing clouds - is it a September thing?

This picture should enlarge in most browsers. The scene tonight down the Links. We got a message at Gurn HQ that exceptional cloud formations were lining up for a sunset show so we sent a photographer down. It the depths of the Gurnmeisters still useful brain cells something stirred and thoughts turned to another September almost a long time ago now. In fact in the last millennium something similar happened on a September night. The formations at that time got a lot of intrest in the local media and the Forres Gazette seemed to have an explanition. Click here to see how things were on 1.9.99.
Some more pictures now on the Gurn flickr pages.


Spurtle said...

That'll be them there 'Lenticular clouds'. It did look rather unworldy and I even saw drivers stopping by the side of the A96 to take photographs.

Once in a while mother nature conjours something awe inspiring up , just to remind us of -

a) What a wonderful place this is &
b) How truly insignificant we are in the grand scheme of things :)

jayteescot1 said...

Excellent shot with bandstand framed nicely. We have had beautiful skies lately with exceptional cloud formations.
I agree with Spurtle's philosophical comments too !

Nairnac said...

Well done to the Gurners for capturing these images. I saw the clouds last night as I was driving home and cursed not having my camera on me.
Nice to know you can always rely on the Gurn.