Thursday, September 03, 2009

SEPA floodwatch on River Nairn

The River Nairn in spate around 19.45 this evening. Below is information published on the SEPA site this afternoon. Their latest flood warnings and information can be seen on this web page.


Anonymous said...

Council were out tonight down the harbour, considering putting up the flood barriers I guess. As it still pouring and a full moon tonight, the risk of an overflow into Fishertown must be quite high. High tide is around midnight which may be crucial...

Graisg said...

High tide at 2323 according to the BBC tide tables for Nairn.

SEPA is still on the Floodwatch only - there are higher levels of warning.

At the time of the picture being published some wood was coming down the river, mostly dead stuff, some of it quite large. But it hadn't reached the phase where the live stuff starts getting ripped out of the banks. It was a couple of feet off from going onto the path by the old cemetery if that gives you any indication of previous spates.

Graisg said...

From 9.38 p.m. SEPA update text on their Floodwatch:

'Flooding problems may be experienced from watercourses across the area'

Anonymous said...

Went out walking this morning across the Jubilee bridge and along to the Firhall. Having crossed Firhall, on way back towards car park had to turn back not far from the Firhall bridge because path was flooded. Crossed back over Firhall and went back to car park via Jubilee and then went along to the other side of the flooded area of path that I had avoided (ducking under a fallen tree). It was the first time I had seen the river so high.

The dog couldn't believe his eyes.

Took quite a few pictures on with my phone.