Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Any chance of a reprieve/rethink for this Whinnieknowe beech tree?

Recently a few of the dead and diseased elms along the upper riverside walks have received a mark which no doubt indicates that they are to be felled soon. This one, however, has been placed on a middle-aged beech tree just below Whinnieknowe.On the side facing the river it has quite a big scar where in the past a branch must have been removed. Initially this doesn't look healthy but despite this the tree stands fast and proud and you only have to look upwards to see how healthy it is despite this bit of bad luck in the past.

The Gurnmeister wonders what are the criteria that led to a big red 'X' being placed on this specimen? If it goes it won't be replaced overnight and if a young one gets planted in its place then what chance that it will survive vandalism? Regular readers of the local paper will sadly know just how prevelant destruction of young trees has become in the Nairn area.
This beech is not perfect but then the riverside is not a park, it is a riverside walk and claims to nothing more than that, offering the chance to see a mix of the local flora and fauna (and invasive flora too sadly). Trees that have a few blemishes are often more use to wildlife than those without and even the debris left behind from the dead elms has its place in the ecological structure.
The Gurnmeister is going to forward his concerns to the Provost. Again Gurnites, go along and decide for yourselves.


Anonymous said...

If I remember rightly,that tree was
struck by lightning some years ago.

Graisg said...

anon @16.28
Unable to publish the firewood comment.
Thank you for your contribution however.

Axeman said...

How many other trees are for the chop up the river that are not elms or dead?
Can we see a report please?

Anonymous said...

its to allow you to see the wood - less trees

Graisg said...

anon @18.50
Unable to publish the firewood comment.
Thank you for your contribution however.

growtosow said...

leave it growing it looks ok to me. look what happed at the woods at auldern. they made a mess of that.

Sue-Ellen Welfonder said...

Best of luck with your efforts to save this tree. It's old, venerable, and -to me- very beautiful and certainly worthy of being left in peace. How the tree has thrived despite its scarring only makes it all the more special and deserving. It would be very sad to see the tree felled.

Walking this riverside path is always a highlight of my visits to Nairn. I am very sorry to see this and wish you much success. I'll be keeping my fingers crossed from afar and hoping for the best.

Good on you for caring.

Anonymous said...

Aye-they should get a few quid scrap
out of that one.