Sunday, September 20, 2009

Four-star approach with Council tax payers' money?

'Highland council spent more than £8,000 on a six-day “mediation” course for its human resources staff at the four-star Tulloch Castle in Dingwall.'
Sunday Times journalists have obviously been using the Freedom of Information act to trawl around for a few headline grabbing facts and figures. Here's their article on councils spending money on 'play days'.
I imagine Sandy will be just as annoyed with that titbit of information as many hard-working residents of the Highlands that fork out their cash each month to finance Highland Council.
UPDATE It gets even better Gurnites, from the hotel website:
'In days of old, only the Laird or the Chief of the Clan could enjoy a relaxing stay in a Scottish highland castle. Nowadays, times have changed. At Tulloch Castle Hotel, you'll be made as welcome as the Laird himself, to sample the splendid hospitality, comfortable surroundings and superb food.'


Anonymous said...

"A spokesman for Highland council said that its employees benefited from being taking out of their normal office environment to participate in team-building exercises".

I bet they did - to the tune of 8 grand..!

Why not use a community hall close by and "tell them to take a piece dinner" like everybody else.

Would'nt be so bad if some one could show it made any difference to their managerial efforts..!

Graisg said...

Good point anon - they could have used Nairn Community Centre however and just docked the 8 grand from the £3 million loan :-)