Friday, September 04, 2009

Whinnieknowe Tree Irony

It is sad to see another beech come down up at Whinnieknowe but this time it was an act of Mother Nature rather than man. The winds and high rain have obviously done for one of the fine specimens on the Church of Scotland side of the fence. It is ironic when you consider that the nearby beech had its healthy crown taken down earlier in the week after it seems Health and Safety concerns were raised within the Highland Council administration . Any danger to the public came from a totally unforeseen direction.
The Gurnmeister had been in correspondence with the Provost Liz in an attempt to get a rethink on the beech and she forwarded some information from officials who it seems are willing to discuss the tree's future. A pity the top came off so swiftly!
Thanks to Murd and Keekdaboo for the pictures respectively. More of Murd's pictures will be published later on the Gurn's flickr pages.
If you have any pictures of the spate on the river the Gurn will be delighted to publish them too over on the flickr pages.

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Anonymous said...

I grew up in Nairn and spent a lot of time at the riverside with "our gang" in the 60's. Some of the trees have a historical and sentimental value to many wee "Shankies" as we all carved our names along with countless others on those trees.
Many of the people are no longer with us. I was on one of my rare visits to Nairn this summer and made a point of visiting those trees. Reading the names it brought back a flood of childhood memories.