Tuesday, September 29, 2009

What do our politicians think of the Highland Wide Local Development Plan?

See here for a previous Gurn and if you care about the future of Nairn, this area and the Highlands in general then pay attention to the Nairn blogosphere and information about how to contribute to the consultation process. Yes consultation, rightly or wrongly, can be seen as a dirty word - i.e. you get consulted and then you get shafted with what the authorities want anyway. Well this time we really have to use this consultation loudly and clearly in such a way that our views cannot be ignored.
The purpose of this Gurn is, however, to demand of our Politicians what they think of the Council's Highland Wide Plan. The likes of Fergus Ewing and Danny Alexander know the community very well and in the past they must have heard countless gurns about the pace and scale of proposed developments along the A96 corridor. So a question to our MP and MSP's - do you think there is too much development proposed in this area? Do you share the concerns of many of your constituents in Nairn and beyond? Why are you all so quiet? Maybe you have released material to the press already that didn't get very far? Will you help draw attention to this consultation process to enable your constituents to articulate their fears? At the moment this important document that will become the planning blueprint for the Highland's future is not a topic of everyday conversation on the street. You, ladies and gentlemen have the power to do something about that! We'd be delighted to hear from you.
Maybe some of the Highland councillors should also be saying a thing or two extra to encourage more participation, up until now it seems as if it is the unpaid Community Councillors in Nairn that are doing all the hard work on drawing attention to this plan and the opportunity it presents to air concerns.

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