Thursday, September 03, 2009

Praise for Highland Libraries

'Good relationships between staff and customers has been highlighted as a reason for increased visits to Highland libraries.' According to a BBC article here.
Gurnites will know just how pleasant an experience a visit to Nairn Library is and the staff are indeed worthy of praise for their help and advice, especially during the times they had to cope with running what amounted to a tourist information office on top of their regular duties. Nairn library could be described as the heart of Nairn High Street and long may it continue to be so. Keep up the good work folks!


Spelding said...

I've always found the library staff very helpful and obliging. Efficient online system as well which allows you to renew or check for books and order them.

Nairnac said...

I'll second that.
The library is a fantastic facility, bright, well kept and well run by the friendly staff who are particularly good at encouraging children to use it to develop their reading habits.
Chapeau to the Nairn library and it's staff.

La Sibyl Trio said...

There was once a rumor that they were going to start serving coffee to raise much needed revenue, I wonder what happened to that idea?