Saturday, September 25, 2010

Energy alternatives that might not spoil the view from Nairn beach so much

We've been into the Gurn archive to bring back a few old favourites that resonate with a recent report in the Nairnshire concerning objections from River CC to a proposed wind farm across the water.

Nimbi = Now I must become involved!


planes are OK though said...

whoa - those images are a bit heavy man

Anonymous said...

I support renewable energy projects that recognise and mitigate against their impact on the community and environment.
Did you know that consultations have been advertised in the P&J for consultations with communities ranging from Fraserburgh to Tain regarding offshore wind farms. No meetings scheduled for Nairn?
I urge all of the Community Councils, Nairn and beyond, to get their act together and ensure any potential revenue stream (community fund) arising from the proposed offshore schemes is directed into an appropriate body representing all of the communities along this wonderful part of the Moray Firth.