Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Life without RAF Kinloss, Lossie and the army at Fort George?

The military presence at Fort George, RAF Kinloss and Lossiemouth has been a feature of life in this area for a long time. Now however one, two or all three of these military facilities may fall victim to defence cuts. Moray obviously would lose the most with the effect that the two bases have on the local economy. The P&J reports on efforts to highlight the dangers of closure by community leaders in Moray. Is it possible that we could face a future with no significant military bases in the Moray Firth area? How would closure of any of these bases affect us here in Nairn? Would high-flyer Danny Alexander be able to influence the Fort George decision?

Should we, however, perhaps be more concerned at other cuts in the public purse and how that will affect local government and civil service jobs in Inverness where many Nairnites commute for work?

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holiday home said...

If the military leave Fort George after 241 years is there the possibility we will see a Highland uprising and all that it might entail?