Sunday, September 26, 2010

Town Centre woes - 'Nairn’s future really does lie in it's past'

We are delighted to publish the following comment from 'Fast & Bulbous' received elsewhere on the Gurn as a post in its own entertaining right:

Town Centre Woes
What about the Regal becoming a nightclub (again!), the Garage becoming additional parking spaces, The old WRVS/Tourist information buildings becoming The Tourist Information Office (Again) with offices for Visit Nairn the Community Council etc and The old Community Centre becoming an Art Gallery/Centre, (Keeping the old hall and adding a nice contemporary build onto the side) it would then work well visually with the new Community Centre and Police station. While were at it let’s make the NCFC a small Cinema again too, word has it even the screen is still there along with the balcony and seats. Nairn’s future really does lie in it's past. Lets not kill the town centre with more flats of questionable quality like the ones at the Harbour, Royal Walk etc, they are the real Eyesores in the town. I happen to Love the Regal building and have many fond Memories of the Cinema, and even Diamonds or Marty’s Disco. It could be made good again without much work. The Bus station could be an indoor (all weather) skate park' no problems at the Riverside then. Oh and while I'm at it I really miss playing Snooker in the Ballerina too. All things that could be enjoyed by Nairnites of all ages all year round in all weather and are currently not available at the Caravan Park for our visitors either.
I guess I'll just have to keep doing the Euro-millions lottery. Common Good money, who’s Common Good? a developer turning a quick profit no doubt. I know I’m an idealist but get something right for a change it’s infuriating to watch our town turn into another commuter town. More houses means more people, what about the infrastructure and facilities that need to be provided to accompany this growth, will all of the facilities I’ve mentioned come along later in some soul-less retail park tagged onto the back of a supermarket development if so we’ll be getting into our cars to drive there and the A96 will be even more clogged up’ but then a by-pass will be surely be needed and who will gain from all the surrounding land of said by-pass suddenly becoming available for development ? Mr Flats and Houses again. See sense min.
As our own Yellow Brick Road up the High Street nears completion the little men pulling the leavers behind the big curtain in Inverness are becoming ever more exposed.


Nairnac said...

Is this person standing for election?
Probably not since they sound far too sensible to become a politician.
They'd get my vote though.
It's the most emminently sensible proposal I've heard.

The Nairn South document seems to indicate a wish for a decent refurbishmment/redevelopment of King Street, but what it's based on other than a rather arty interpretation, I'm not quite sure. I have to say that that document looks pretty good to me, as these things go. Or maybe it's just the developers getting a bit slicker with their 'consultation' PR before horsing on with maximising their profits.

Nairnshire Freedom Party said...

End Inverness rule!