Thursday, September 02, 2010

Nairn's Desolation Row

Nairnites wait with baited breath to see if the Co-op will take action to clean up the mess that is their responsibility now.

Update: another article in the Inverness Courier today and a very good letter from the Visit Nairn group. We'll link later if the article and letter go on line.


Anonymous said...

Think breath should be "bated"

Anonymous said...

Thats you got your fingers "raped"Gurn.

AuldSkater said...

I was back visiting the old home town last week and couldn't believe how run down it's become.

How are the Co-op allowed to let that site fall into such a state of disrepair?

Amber Nectar Bochel said...

Nairn has now become The Shite On of The North, what an advert for the town when you clap eyes on the old Regal building, how are the Co-op allowed to let the structure & the surrounding areas
get into disrepair & they even have the cheek to place adverts on the fencing, another sore point
is the redevelopment of the High Street, how the hell the plans were passed is a mystery if a lorry is making deliveries as the pavements are now too wide the cars now have to mount the kerb to get passed which is very dangerous to pedestrians, looking into my crystal ball I predict it will all have to be redone, but on
a happy note had a great night at the thursday ceilidh in The Legion
with some foreign guests who witnessed Provost Fraser looking a picture of sartorial elegance in
his kilt & chain who was there to present cheques to local organisations, but the girls were a bit disappointed when they noticed he was wearing boxers underneath.

Gday Mate

Anonymous said...

I hope you have all read the article in the Inverness Courier. We in VisitNairn are doing what we can but it is frustrating. I feel those that got us into this mess should get us out and pretty quickly too. It is amazing that a supermarket who has the complete MONOPOLY in this town does not seem to care or worry about the disgraceful dump to which they are not only attached but own. Maybe a boycott is the only way to persuade them to shape up. Come on Co-op a lovely paved garden with benches for the good folk of Nairn to contemplate their shopping lists before spending in your stores is all we ask! Surely after years of eyesore this is not much to ask?
Rosemary Young