Friday, September 24, 2010

Flats or more flats for Nairn town centre - Highland Council Plan B options not going down well

"Aux armes citoyens!"
There will be a special Ward Forum meeting to discuss Highland Council’s Plan B options for the town centre on 6th October in the Courthouse at 7 p.m. Hat-tip to APT. We detect strong stirrings out there amongst our unreliable sources and some of the more reliable ones too. One wonders if the Courthouse will be big enough as word of the meeting and the mood of discontent spreads.
Iain Bain sums it up well and once again we unashamedly steal from one of his powerful editorials:

'The plans to build flats on the council owned sites are about as unimaginative as you can get and they offer nothing for the town centre. To ask people to choose between the the two near identical options is an insult to their intelligence...'

Well said Iain I’m sure many of those who dwell in Gurnshire will agree with that sentiment. We urge all who browse here to avail themselves of this week’s Nairnshire editorial. Mr Bain seems to have his finger on the pulse on this one.
Liz is on the march too, she is quoted in the Courier today:

‘It is important to take our time and get the right plan for Nairn.’ She also questioned how the development would be paid for, stressing Nairn Common Good Fund should not be part of the deal.

The Courier also spoke to Graham Marsden, he’s obviously sensed that an uprising is in the wind and realises that there is a strong lobby building against housing in this area:
“They would like to see it as a cleared area, with some car parking, but trees, making it into something worthwhile for the town centre,” he said.

That’s it then folks, if we want Nairn to decide what is good for the town centre and not Highland Council, we have to get along to that ward forum meeting on the 6th and let our feelings be known. The previous plans devised by Highland Council came to nothing after nearly 15 years of pain for no gain, now it is time for the people to speak - let's not let HC take control of proceedings any longer - we deserve a better town centre than
the present Plan B proposes!

If you can’t make to the meeting you can submit your questions/statements via this Highland Council webpage (thanks again to APT for this link)


growtosow said...

know flats please. but nairn does need housing and i am sure we all know this. as for the old community centre why not put the library in their as they only lease the building they are in at the moment. the other buildings could be used for housing. as for the old filling station it could be taken down and the ground used for parking something that is needed for town center as if you have anything big going on in the new community centre their is not enough parking spaces at it.

Fast&Bulbous said...

Town Centre Woes
What about the Regal becoming a nightclub (again!), the Garage becoming additional parking spaces, The old WRVS/Tourist information buildings becoming The Tourist Information Office (Again) with offices for Visit Nairn the Community Council etc and The old Community Centre becoming an Art Gallery/Centre, (Keeping the old hall and adding a nice contemporary build onto the side) it would then work well visually with the new Community Centre and Police station. While were at it let’s make the NCFC a small Cinema again too, word has it even the screen is still there along with the balcony and seats. Nairn’s future really does lie in it's past. Lets not kill the town centre with more flats of questionable quality like the ones at the Harbour, Royal Walk etc, they are the real Eyesores in the town. I happen to Love the Regal building and have many fond Memories of the Cinema, and even Diamonds or Marty’s Disco. it could be made good again without much work. The Bus station could be an indoor (all weather) skate park' no problems at the Riverside then. Oh and while I'm at it I really miss playing Snooker in the Ballerina too. All things that could be enjoyed by Nairnites of all ages all year round in all weather and are currently not available at the Caravan Park for our visitors either.
I guess I'll just have to keep doing the Euro-millions lottery. Common Good money, who’s Common Good? a developer turning a quick profit no doubt. I know I’m an idealist but get something right for a change it’s infuriating to watch our town turn into another commuter town. More houses means more people, what about the infrastructure and facilities that need to be provided to accompany this growth, will all of the facilities I’ve mentioned come along later in some soul-less retail park tagged onto the back of a supermarket development if so we’ll be getting into our cars to drive there and the A96 will be even more clogged up’ but then a by-pass will be surely be needed and who will gain from all the surrounding land of said by-pass suddenly becoming available for development ? Mr Flats and Houses again. See sense min. As our own Yellow Brick Road up the High Street nears completion the little men pulling the leavers behind the big curtain in Inverness are becoming ever more exposed.