Tuesday, September 28, 2010

More recycling facilities needed in Nairn town centre

Recently this observer visited two small towns in the North of England (Settle and Appelby). It was astonishing to compare the poverty of our town centre recycling facilities with those available in those two small communities
From July next year the weekly collection will cease and we will have a fortnightly lift of our green bins. A report in the Courier has attracted a swarm of hostile comments. It may be easier for Nairnites if we could take a few more items down to a town centre recyling centre (eg plastic and cartons) instead of burning carbon and destroying the environment by driving out to the centre on the Grantown Road. If we could do as they are well trained to do in Settle and Appleby and deposit our recycling on normal trips to the town centre then, along with the use of brown vegetable/garden waste bins then perhaps we might only need a once a month service. We believe that Highland Council are trying to get away with providing an inferior service without offering sensible alternatives to the population. Settle town centre car park and the opportunity to recycle plastic


Anonymous said...

Would love to be able to recycle more stuff - woud rather use a recycle bin than a waster bin.

The scaffie said...

As someone who recycles it really hurts to drive all the way out the Grantown Road in order to help HC meet EU quotas for rubbish as using my van and fuel is hardly helping the environment
Its been said many times before that a scaled down facility at Station Park (or anywhere 'in' town) would make much more sense and get used more
But what we really need is somewhere like the Moray Wastebusters facility for Nairn.
I doubt we will see any changes other than less people bothering to recycle as times get harder
If HC organised it we could use our current blue or brown bins on alternate weeks for collection of further recycle items

Anonymous said...

Take a look at many of the Highland Council recycling sites and they are not centrally located. Why is this - because the Council did not control/own land.
The previous operations at Station Park were ideally located but did not suit the big waste containers that the Council was introducing.
Perhaps now is the time to put in a bid for 'fit-for-purpose' town centre recycling facilites as part of the new town centre proposals?