Thursday, September 30, 2010

Software difficulties at Gurn HQ

We've been trying to bring you some of last night's Ward Forum meeting with the aid of a software program but to date are experiencing some difficulties. However it occurred to us that what we have so far would be more entertaining than the real thing. Here's an extract from the discussion about road safety issues on the Cawdor Road near the railway bridge.
[Speaker 0] they were of the very notion of those who lost limbs are leading an armed man who or what happens to you you know in my entire house to live in peace and we discussed

[Speaker 1] remove Irvine on um not used me more

[Speaker 2] and more bizarre than usual and who should also implement his U you

[Speaker 0] know there are low um um as though he was wounded and

[Speaker 3] I now look forward and what women want and that is expected to

[Speaker 0] overtake the disease very earnest and he did for one admire if I am not at all some of them now the inquiry no no is that he was ambivalent views forward area loses underneath the bridge and what will happen is if there are a lot of wind and the other two are opportunities in places which I will have to stop look now at this time involving the season on the floor so if you know one way my grandfather my house in years there has got similarities in these instances it is an urgent and is popular on the up and view things through in Lahore the

[Speaker 4] judge's fault I know her you know there s this sort of edge and almost imagine themselves

[Speaker 0] as usual we will know who the floor his arm and you Martin Heuvel who now earns another chance for all who love her out er no in her heart about an hour I mean they're you know Steve you know you know he's not been unusual amount of money you know there's time and it means to do with it so yes the move may prove why there is no no no no this is all part of this season they're choosing the Pentagon you all know that initially what had happened no we didn't know where your soul urban Meyer on that and Thaksin wants to go forward the independence of diseases they're not they're interested in moving for me and he's going to see what we're doing that

[Speaker 6] but it is only the CEO or a fruit fly genome that was not that's not where Jesus for movies unless they're an individual always I know what the link below freezing certainly not where it is important your friends in Europe and you know she wants we shall not miss from there there's not much coming to us all well

[Speaker 7] you know how I got down well with their rural area

[Speaker 8] most were always in the year of US recovery of flotations this year but the interest in next Wednesday's meetings


David Brownless said...

I wish it had been that much fun!

Can we invite your software speaker '6' back next time, I like them :)

& didn't 'Fruit fly genome' and 'Jesus for movies' feature in the John Peel seesions in about '73 ?

Nairnac said...

Aye well. Makes more sense than most of Highland Council's 'consultations' communication.

Graisg said...

Normal service will be resumed shortly.

doric said...

Could we ask the kind folks at the Gurn to post a translation please?

smack heed said...

I had no idea substances were so freely taken before such meetings!

2.5 witches said...

Is this a long lost Shakespeare play?

lost in translation said...

I hope you get your software to do English again soon

fruit flies said...

I can only say that google voice has a lot to answer for

lingua franca said...

I think Speaker 2 had it about right as a comment on the Ward Forum discussion.

You're not by any chance trying out an "autotranslate to and from the Gaelic" software program devised by Bord na Gaidhlig, are you?

hot metal said...

Should we be offering our congratulations to the new Gurn editor one Iain Bain?

You can spot his style anywhere!

Charlie the Compositor said...

Is Iain Bain not your type?9&/^%$+~!"|\><-