Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Big Slide latest from the Westies and the Subbies

Tonight saw the meetings of the West and Suburban Community Councils in Nairn Academy. They got through quite a lot but a subject still embedded in the community consciousness is the Big Slide and it seemed to this observer to be stealing the show again and reference was even made back to it whilst other items were debated. 

At this rate the Gurn will need to create a separate website to follow all the elements fanning out from the this contentious issue that refuses to die. 

There were claims now that the removal of the hill is allowing sand straight onto the Links on windy days. Rosemary Young read out a series of Freedom of Information requests that have been sent to the Highland Council from her opposite number on the Subbies, Dick Youngson.  There were those present who seemed as though they will not rest until the Big Slide and the brae are returned - there were many who were quite vociferous in their demands for information and procedures and meetings behind closed doors to be put into the public domain. 

Catharsis could be on the horizon however as Michael Green insisted that all relevant information will eventually enter the public domain. He was asked if he knew that the slide was to be removed - his very interesting response and more from the evening's Big Slide and other debates tomorrow if time permits.