Sunday, March 22, 2015

Nairn Kayak Club - Loch Ness crossing world record breakers

The Nairn Kayak Club's record breaking crossing of Loch Ness end-to-end has officially entered the Guiness Book of records:

"The fastest time to kayak the length of Loch Ness, Scotland, UK, from Fort Augustus to Dores (a distance of 17.9 nautical miles, 20.59 miles, 33.15 km) is 3 hours 42 minutes 7 seconds, achieved by the Nairn Kayak Club on 7 September 2014."  More details and picture here. 

Provost Laurie Fraser said: "It is an outstanding effort and what the Kayak Club have done is wonderful. It has put Nairn back on the map for kayaking and
places it as the kayak centre in the Highlands."

The Chairman of the Nairn Kayak Club, Jaime Walker said: This amazing feat clearly shows that all the hard work and dedication from the four team world record holders has been rewarded and recognised."

On of the record holders Michael Surmon said: "It is an absolute hounour and a privilege to have been able to be part of the effort to raise the profile of Nairn Kayak Club, and at the same time, Nairn, our lovely home town.

The efforts of Steven Bain made it possible for us as a club and a team, to complete the whole of the Great Glen waterway/Caledonian Canal. As an added bonus, the performance team managed to break the world record. 

What made the effort more worthwhile is that the Nairn Kayak Club joined fores with Nairn County Football Club in making a noise for Nairn. A great example of a community coming together in a great way. "

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Anonymous said...

Well done to all the team, a great achievement!!