Friday, March 20, 2015

The train now standing at the East Beach will soon be departing for the Links?

A Highland Council official recently stated: "I can confirm that works at the links are not yet complete and further play equipment will be installed over the coming months to supplement what is currently in situ which I believe will lead to a more positive and fulfilling play experience for younger residents and visitors alike." Further details here. 

Councillor Michael Green recently stated publicly that Highland Council would learn from its mistakes and indicated that there would be more consultation. This observer would suggest that more details about what sort of equipment could be heading for the Links might need to be put urgently into the public domain - in the febrile atmosphere surrounding the Links Slide debacle it is possible that rumours might crop up - in fact one already has: one of our regular unreliable sources indicates that he is certain that there could soon be a departure from the East Beach railway station. 

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Unknown said...

Taking the kids aw3ay from the east beach WWTP stench, good idea.

What about the rest of us?